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We are your overseas product sourcing experts.

Whether you are a small start-up business or an established company, our massive global reach will uncover the best possible manufacturers suited to your own product needs. If you have the vision, we’ll turn it into a real product & will ensure the suppliers meet your unique price, material, quantity, certification and production requirements.

Types of Sourcing

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eCommerce Sourcing

Ecommerce is growing rapidly in Australia & New Zealand and Sourci is at the forefront of empowering these business owners to truly lift-off & thrive. We help find the very best private label products & get them perfected for you to sell on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Shopify. Our China, India, Indonesia or Vietnam based sourcing agents will negotiate the lowest prices, minimize product defect rates, and arrange all shipping from China to your fulfilment center. We even take care of all your packaging, designs and logistics! Leaving you with more time to focus on growing your brand and actually bringing in sales. We can even help with building your high-converting website and digital marketing services – we support ecommerce businesses holistically!

Procurement Sourcing

Sourci works with a range of enterprise businesses to set up and diversify their supply chain. We ensure that their requirements are heard & are thoroughly understood, and that all stake holders have been appropriately considered. We help Aus & NZ businesses remove the need for wholesalers, and ensure a strong and protected relationship is build directly between you & the manufacturer. This ensures pricing, quality, and consistency are maintained at all times. Sourci conducts remote audits on each supplier to guarantee you are purchasing from a factory that meets your industry standards, local, state and federal regulations, and that the product meets relevant compliance requirements. Our services are designed to not only save on overall costs, but to remove the wordload and stress when it comes to identifying and working with new supply partners.

Product Development Sourcing

Sourci’s internal product development team work with you to build your product from the ground up. Helping with everything from industrial design, to partnering you with the right manufacturer who can not only produce your item but for the very best price and at the very best quality. We will guide you through the design and manufacturing process, ensuring the products functionality and aesthetics exceeds your every vision and desires for your brilliant new brand.

We guide you throughout the entire product development & prototyping phase, helping you to establish an amazing relationship with your new long-term supplier, and ensure that you are steered well clear of common issues & costly roadblocks.