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Powerful Solutions for Business Development!

Whether you are wanting someone to assist your current BDM team or are looking to outsource the whole business development manager function. Gen Leads Outsourced Business Development Manager services have a range of benefits for our clients. Our Australian based team can assist you with growing your business and increasing your sales.

A Business Development Manager also known as a BDM is a valuable position in any business. Business Development Managers (BDM’s) are responsible for developing the business through lead generation strategies. A BDM will recognise new and existing opportunities while building and maintaining long term relationships with new, existing and potential clients.

Through our lead generation services, Gen Leads has seen the effects of not having a BDM or when current BDM’s reach their capacity. In our experience, it leaves a big gap in an important piece of your business and is where our business development management services slot in and become the solution. When using our Outsourced Business Development Manager services we ensure that our staff have been trained on your product, the sales process, conducting demos, lead nurturing and closing sales. Your sales team will grow by a minimum of two people all for the cost of hiring one staff member when you use our highly qualified team! Our business development packages are designed to suit any size business as well as any lead generation and business development needs. With the online world growing at an intensely fast pace it is important to ensure your business has the resources to grow and expand with it and not be left behind. Gen Leads can become your support group so you continually grow as a business.

Let us help you build your business capability

Developing new business value is our passion and the very reason for our professional existence. While having the ability to successfully collaborate is a capability every business needs, we understand that for many organisations this way of building new business value can be a confronting challenge. We have built a series of business support packages that will help your firm transition to the new value creation paradigm.